Pretty Beauty Products: Things you’ll want to use and show off

 Finding beauty products that work well for you is something we talk about a lot here, but that is only half the fun. It may be true that we shouldn’t judge books by their cover, but we certainly judge our beauty products by their packaging. Now, this isn’t to say that the prettiest looking products are always the most effective, but they certainly give us some added value. After all, you know your guests are going to be looking in your medicine cabinet when they come over. (Does everyone do this?).

Let’s be honest, if you’re comparing one perfume to another, the one with the more attractive bottle always wins. From face wash to body butter, we are naturally drawn to packaging that is pleasing to the eye. These beauty products not only will work to beautify you, but will spruce up your bathroom, vanity, or anywhere else they are displayed. Here are some of the prettiest beauty products that you’ll want to use and show off.

Castelbel Soaps

Soap dispensers are found in every bathroom and are obviously needed in your bathroom, by your sink, always available and always visible. Although prevalent by every sink ever, why is it that soap dispensers are such eyesores? Castelbel soaps have given you some hope by providing these adorably decorated soap bars that are so cute you’ll almost feel bad using it.


Herbivore features clear glass, pretty pink tinted products with minimalistic labels. Their luxe products are a great way to pamper yourself and decorate your vanity with their pretty design and delectable aromas.


If you want to make your vanity look more like an art gallery and less like a drug store, then Fornasetti has some great products for you. Their room freshener has a wonderful scent in a creatively concealed container. Their candles are also all gorgeously designed with irresistible scents making your room or bathroom look and smell like a dream.


Chanel is the classic perfume bottle you want to see in your bedroom vanity. With timeless charm and sparkling glass, this perfume is synonymous with high glamour and a gorgeous aroma.

Clé de Peau Beauté

This sparkling blush and highlighter to complete your shimmering makeup look come in a geometrical and shimmering case. This blush will look beautiful on your vanity, but it’s not one you’ll want to hide in your makeup bag.

Christian Louboutin and Kendra Scott 

Nail polish is almost never something I want to display, but Kendra Scott and Christian Louboutin have designed these eye grabbing nail polish bottles that beg to be bragged about. Not only do they look pretty, but the polish colors are beautiful and the quality of the polish is silky smooth and long-lasting. The fun shaped lids also make for easier painting and a more neat application.

Saint Laurent

YSL has come up with a gold lipstick tube that is as seductive as the red on your lips. This is the tube you’ll want to pull out on your GNO and show off to your date.



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