Quick Veggie Omelet

I often find myself making an omelet with whatever was in my fridge that day.


Squash, baby tomatoes, onion, and green onions (as much as you want depending on your portion: cut them up

Start cooking them on medium heat with a drizzle of grape-seed oil. Make sure you spray the pan with non-stick cooing spray first! Then add whatever spices you like. I used Flavor God, Everything spice. FullSizeRender copy

FullSizeRender copy1FullSizeRender copy3


Then add the eggs when your onions are see through and some French feta cheese cook until the eggs are super runny… and bam! You’re done and you cooked your own breakfast.

FullSizeRender copy5

I paired mine with some beet/pear/apple juice from Ralph’s (that’s the red juice at the end)

IMG_3803 copy

Now go try it!


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    March 8, 2016 at 2:08 pm

    Awesome and yummy! Your great & lovely! Love your blog Cris 😉

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