How to Reduce Signs of Aging with Lifeline

With science advancing so rapidly it’s inevitable that big advances in skincare are on the way. I am always on the lookout for the latest in skincare technology, to find better ways to treat different skin concerns. Since I don’t have sensitive skin, I’m able to try many of these new products. Few have impressed me as much as Lifeline skincare.

The scientists behind this brand were originally not set out to create revolutionary skincare. Their research began in searching for a cure for diabetes and Parkinson’s Disease. The team of scientists created the first non-embryonic (created from unfertilized eggs instead of embryos) human stem cells and found that the regenerative properties of these stem cells improved the look of aging skin. The Lifeline scientists have also created their products using small molecule technology which means it is more easily and quickly absorbed into the skin. This increases the effectiveness of their skincare to firm and tone the skin.

Some of my favorite Lifeline skincare:

Brightening Cleanser:

This cleanser is unique because it comes in powder form and is activated by mixing with water for each use. This not only ensures you have the most product in every package, but also ensures that the formula is concentrated at each use for maximum results. This cleanser used Salicylic Acid and Rice Enzyme to remove dead skin cells, revealing smoother and brighter skin.

Dual Action Exfoliator:

You know I’m always in search of a great exfoliator. This product does not disappoint. This scrub will remove dead skin and dirt from clogged pores while using vitamins and antioxidants to renew and fortify the newly revealed skin.

Neck Firming Complex:

A neck cream is very important when fighting the signs of aging because it is one of the first parts of the body to snow lines and wrinkles. The non-embryonic stem cell technology from Lifeline restores the appearance of the skin to reveal a firmer, smoother neck. I’ve been using this product regularly and have seen noticeable results in the appearance of my skin.

Eye Firming Complex:

An eye cream is equally as important as a great neck cream, because the thinner skin around the eyes also begins to show age earlier. The Lifeline Eye Firming Complex has a unique applicator that pushed the product directly into the skin and the stem cell technology soothes and hydrates while tightening and lifting the skin around the eye.

Intense Moisture Serum:

Love, love, love this moisture serum! It is extremely hydrating while being absorbed into the skin very quickly so you’re not left with s sticky or greasy face. The hydration and the stem cell technology in this serum visibly reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Daily Defense Complex and Night Recovery Complex:

It is very important when trying to reduce signs of aging to protect the skin against sun, blue light, and pollution and then rejuvenate the skin after the days wear and tear. The Daily Defense Complex creates a layer of protection on the skin to reduce the harmful effects of light and pollution on the face. And the Night Recovery rejuvenates the skin before bed to keep the complexion soft and smooth.

The Lifeline skincare products have made me feel confident that I am protecting my skin and preventing the signs of aging. Even better, when I buy these products I’m not only getting great benefits but I’m supporting further research into finding cures for Parkinson’s, blindness and liver disease. Lifeline has great science, great products and is continuing further with important research.

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