My Roadtrip to Cochem Germany

Cochem is a charming little town in Rhineland-Palatinate in Germany famous for its traditional Germany architecture, quaint half-timbered buildings, and enchanting hilltop castle. A destination so unrivaled in its unique beauty that it made the top 10 list for places to see in Germany. Cochem is most popular in the summer because of its vibrant green hillsides and raved about vineyards along the Mosul River that produce some of the best wine tasting in the world. My road trip to Cochem in its off-season is a unique experience because it is less crowded and quiet streets. The wine and architecture in Cochem are worth the trip any time of the year.

Once you arrive in Cochem, travel through the charming streets by foot, it’s the best way to experience the town so you don’t miss a thing. If you’re going to be in Cochem for more than a day, I’d recommend renting a bike or going on a hike to see even more of the towns impressive landscape. The town is small, with a Market square, a promenade fit with benches to enjoy the views. Cochem is the perfect place to go for a short weekend trip.

A road trip to Cochem Germany from Frankfurt is certainly a most effective and beautiful way to experience Cochem. The 1.5 drive from Frankfurt when we got closer to town was one of the most visually breathtaking sights. Of all the ways to visit Cochem, I’d recommend driving just to experience the mountainous views that surround as you descend from the high altitude peak all the way down to the town.


As if the cute town and beautiful views are not enough convincing to travel to top travel destination, there are many things to do in Cochem Germany that make it worth the trip. The Imperial Castle offers you the opportunity to have a “Knight’s meal” inside, a once in a lifetime chance to dine like royalty in one of the most beautiful castles in the world. You can go wine tasting and experience the region’s famous wines that attract wine enthusiasts from all over the world. Cochem also has an incredible suspension bridge that’s worth the walk if you’re not afraid of heights. You can even go on a ferry ride to get a view of Cochem from along the river for a different take.



Cochem’s most noteworthy feature is its very well preserved historic architecture. Buildings from the Medieval ages to the late 19th century are lined along the river and invite you to stumble into for some traditional German dishes and an often friendly host. We stopped by a local place Schnitzel to  get a great taste of German cuisine and were not disappointed. Walking through the narrowed brick-laden streets is an experience like no other. This town is extremely medieval and brings you back in time for the ultimate German experience.  and reach up further into the mountainsides up to Cochem’s Imperial Castle: the landmark of Cochem.




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