The Secret to Clear Skin: Keep it Simple

We can go on and on and on about all the amazing skincare products on the market, splurging and trying them all, and let’s face it: we do. But sometimes, it’s best just to simplify a bit, and get back to the basics. Whether money is tight, your schedule is busy, or ya just don’t feel like getting all into the world of skincare this month for some wild reason, it’s alright. When that happens, remember these simple secrets to keeping clear, healthy skin, and you’re set for a simple routine and a flawless face.


  1. Cleanse

If I could put “don’t wear any makeup” on this list, I would. It’s by far the simplest solution to keeping a clear face, but it’s not always realistic in our lives and schedules. If you can go without wearing makeup, do it. Your face needs to detox from time to time just like the rest of your body does. If you can’t, reach for a good cleanser (every day). Cleanse in the morning before you put your face on, and especially in the evening before you rest. If you don’t, you’re allowing all the dirt, oils, chemicals, and who knows what else stay on your skin all night long. Not cool. Cleanse your face with something gentle, don’t exfoliate every time. If you know your skin type, match a face wash for that. Choose something with Vitamin C, brightening complex, and something natural.

2. Moisturize

If you keep dry skin, you’re basically asking for acne and wrinkles to make their way to your face. Without moisture, your skin lacks elasticity and it will become cracked, dull, wilted and… not cute. Don’t let this happen. Moisturize every day before you apply your makeup, and before you go to bed (after you cleanse, step 1). Use something good, simple, and raw such as 100% Raw cocoa butter, 100% Rosehip Oil, or 100% Pure Shea Butter. The secret to healthy, moisturized skin is this: keep it simple. Minimal, quality ingredients applied generously and consistently.

3. Diet

You know this by now, but let’s be reminded: good in, good out. Your skin is your body’s largest organ, and it shows. Drink a ton of water (we’re talking, a gallon a day). Lot’s of fresh berries, Vitamin C (the real stuff, not ascorbic acid), leafy greens, and avoid carbs and sugars. Have fun with it by making smoothies, bowls, and delicious salads. Do it for your skin… you’ll thank you later!


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