Serums Explained

With the abundance of skincare on the market it, it’s easy to start asking ourselves what products we really need for our skin. The first step to answering this question is getting informed about what these different products do. Today I want to focus on skin serums, what they are used for and how they work. They are extremely popular in the world of skincare, but why?

A serum contains many of the active ingredients found in moisturizers, but in a highly concentrated form. Serums leave out the thickening agents and oils found in moisturizers, and are left with a concentrated form of performance ingredients (ingredients vary based on the use of the serum). The lubricating and thickening agents found in most moisturizers have larger molecules and create a barrier layer on your skin. Because serums are highly concentrated, the molecules are much smaller. This makes serums absorb very quickly into the skin. These qualities are what make serums so popular, and a bit more pricey. By having concentrated performance ingredients and being quickly absorbed by the skin, serums are able to quickly target and improve on whatever your skin needs may be. It is recommended to still use your daily moisturizer on top of your serum, but serums are a great option for focusing and improving on specific skin needs.


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