Simple Purifying Charcoal Mask by Derma E

Cleansing, toning and moisturizing your skin are all important in your daily skin care routine. Sometimes, your skin needs an extra boost for exfoliating, brightening and deep cleaning. Many people wait to look into more intensive treatments until a breakout occurs, but prevention is the best policy. Using a face mask at least one time per week can help prevent breakouts, and clear up your skin of any current imperfections.

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On a daily basis, our skin is exposed to many toxins, dirt, and various micropollutants, even if you’re not out literally playing in the dirt. A mask can help clean your skin more intensively than simply cleansing and toning, so it can be very beneficial to add a good mask to your routine.


This 2 in 1 Purifying Charcoal Mask from Derma E is a great option, it’s simple, natural and really effective. Charcoal absorbs impurities from your skin, essentially reaching into your pores and withdrawing them. Charcoal is a great option for those with blackheads or any other acne problems and especially ideal for extracting the dirt before they get under your skin and cause problems. This mask exfoliates gently, thus removing the dirt and grime and dead layer of skin, and leaving behind a fresh layer of skin, soft to the touch.


The mask also detoxifies the skin, ridding the skin of all the toxins utilizing the activated charcoal. This mask uses natural clays, apricot seed powder, and other nutrient-rich ingredients, leaving your skin glowing and fresh.


The Derma E 2 in 1 Purifying Charcoal Mask is so simple to use, and only takes 5 minutes!

  1. Cleanse your face, and wet with warm water
  2. Generously apply the mask, avoiding your lips and eye area
  3. Leave the mask on for five minutes, or until the mask is completely dry and about to crack
  4. Wet your fingertips and gently massage your face in a circular motion. This will exfoliate your skin and begin to remove the mask.
  5. Rinse your face thoroughly, or remove gently with a warm cloth

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