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Hi guys! Well good news is, you already started your tuesday, which means wednesday is right around the corner, which also means that Friday is one more day away from that and they weekend will be here. See, always think positive 🙂 But I digress. What I was really trying to say is that beach season is here and along with that comes trying to find that perfect bathing suit. We all know that can be quite a challenge for the ladies, because lets face it, we are never satisfied with our bodies and it changes drastically from day to day.

To deal with my constantly changing outlook on my body, I like to have a good arsenal of swimsuits. This way I always have one that fits just right. It has taken me a few seasons to build up my swimsuit collection and its nothing fancy but its always good to have options.


Now living in LA and Vegas, you need to have a few types of bathing suits.

1. The suit you wear to a pool party: this will be overly flashy and a tad on the sexy side. It will either have cut-outs, rhinestones, definitely padding and will show off your body in the best way. I would recommend Beach Bunny Swimwear for this.

2. The suit you wear to tan  in your backyard or at the beach: This will be most likely a bandau type top and a minimal coverage bottom to minimize those pesky tan lines. I would recommend H&M or Target suites.

3. If you have kids, the suit you wear around your kids: This will hopefully be very conservative.

Now that we got that squared away I’d like to share what brands I like and the places I tend to purchase my swimsuits at. Hopefully, something will work for you guys and help you locate that favorite new suit this summer.

Believe it or not, I love the swimsuit tops at Target. Yes Target! They are very inexpensive so you can mix and match and come in such fun colors. I also really love the way they fit. Now I don’t quite love their bottoms so I tend to get those from other places. Because I buy them separately, I will usually purchase solid colors because its easier to mix and match. If your fashionably gifted them go for the prints.

Another great spot, and probably my current favorite, is H&M. Their swimsuits are so darn cute and both the tops and bottoms fit me great! Their prints are amazing and I think they are very good quality for the price point. Definitely go check their stuff out. The piece I’m wearing in the picture above is from H&M.

I’d like to also take a moment and talk about the one piece. OK, I know men don’t love these but I think they are always a must have in your swimsuit collection for two reasons. One being, when you just feel fat one day and need something cute that will also hide your midsection. The other reason is because they are just plain awesome! One pieces in my opinion can be way sexier than any two piece and it complements most body types. has probably the best one pieces in my opinion but there are many other designers that do a great job too like Plumeria Swimwear.

There are so many brands out there but I just wanted to name a few of my favorites. Make sure to also check out Vitamin A and obviously anything from Victoria Secret. If you want very minimal coverage I would suggest the pieces from Agent Provocateur.

I can’t stress enough, how important it is to accept your body type and love whatever curves you may have. There is no shame in always working on your body but getting down on yourself for the way you look is no way to go about your life. If you don’t like something about your body, then make a plan and change it by working out more or changing eating habits but don’t be ashamed of the way you look. Anyone that make fun of your body obviously has major issues themselves and you should look at them with pity not sadness.


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