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5 Reasons Why You Must Take a Solo Trip Before You are 30

Imagine yourself as a child, learning about geography, cultures, studying maps and history about explorers and inspiring globe trotters. Maybe you were afraid of the unknown, or maybe you had pictures posted on your walls and journals about the places you’d go one day. As time goes on, desires may change as responsibilities creep in, jobs become increasingly demanding of our time and our new relationships take priority and we may never travel to all the places we once said…

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Top 5 Bucketlist List To Do in Vegas

So many of you email me about things to do in Las Vegas besides nightclubs and pool parties. So I wanted to make a short list of five things I like to do when Im home. Now remember, I’m super into the outdoors so naturally there a few nature choices on here. In my opinion, once you’ve gone to one nightclub in Vegas and seen “whatever DJ” then you’ve seen them all. So give one of these activities a try…

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