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Easy and Delicious Torte Recipe

I did it, I fell prey to the Costco disease. I mean how can you not? So many great deals! The only problem with this is that I currently do not have a Costco-size household. For example, while we were shopping my friend warned me that I didn’t need the bag of 15 plums, I didn’t listen…but she was correct. So many plums, too little time! I ate about 5 plums before the rest started to get overripe. I felt…

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sweet tooth!

I have such a sweet tooth! I’’ve always been like this and unfortunately, being an only child, my parents spoiled me to no end. If I wanted cake, Mom would bake three different kinds. Naturally, that’s not good because it didn’’t really teach me any self-control. When I want something, I just have it. However, being 26 and entering the stage of my life where my metabolism will eventually start slowing down, I have been trying to curb my cravings…

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