Today is March 1st, which in my culture and country is Mărțisor. It’s a day when people give each other a red and white beaded string usually with a charm or flower attached and we usually wear it pinned to our clothes. It’s a cute tradition where it’s beloved the person who wears the red and white string would enjoy a prosperous and healthy year.Not long ago, in the countryside, people used to celebrate the Martisor by hanging a red and white string at their the gate, window, cattle's horn and shed to protect against evil spirits and to invoke nature's regenerative power. According to archaeological research, the Mărțișor traces its history more than 8,000 years ago.Pretty much it’s a celebration of spring and the hope for a good and prosperous year so I wish that for all of you ❤️#25weekspregnant
My belly is officially bigger then my booty... although if you ask Bryan I have no butt so that’s always been the case 🤣#24weekspregnant
When you find a great mascara do you keep it to yourself or share with all your friends? I’ve been loving the @lancomeofficial Lash Idôle mascara! It lifts and separates my lashes and lasts all day without flaking. I used it in this natural look to really make my eyes pop. @popsugarbeauty#LashIdole
I really wanted some cute maternity pictures to commemorate my first pregnancy but I’ve been so scared to really go anywhere and put my baby and myself at risk especially now that there is a variant of covid out there. My husband, Bryan, took this picture of me at home and it’s probably one of my favorite pictures 🥰 At first I didn’t want to post it because I was worried people might shame me for whatever reason... maybe because as many people have told me “I’m way too big for my pregnancy stage”,or maybe because I’m not really wearing much but flowers here, or just because I choose to share a part of my personal life with the world and maybe that is justification for some people that anything goes (rude or not)... But honestly I want to look back and remember this time. The good and the bad and I absolutely love this picture so I’m going to post it here and hope for positivity.Sometimes the best pictures are the spontaneous ones your partner takes. Would you agree?#24weekspregnant
Pregnancy Update: Officially 24 weeks today! Baby girl is super active, definitely a lot of pregnancy side effects (but I heard the best things aren’t easy) and my patience is running short.... ok let’s face it, I don’t have any patience, I never did, but there seems to be a new threshold now that I’m pregnant. My temper is explosive to say the least (my poor husband) and im an emotional roller coaster. Jeez Louise! I could literally cry over spit milk (and my friends that know me know I’ve never been a crier).Body wise... how much time do you have? Haha it’s been eye opening to say the least. You really don’t know what to expect until you’re expecting. Plus everyone’s pregnancy is so different. I don’t think I’m having the easiest pregnancy but it’s definitely not the worst and when I’m dealing with the not so pleasant I have to remind myself it’s all temporary. But seriously... why don’t friends and family tell you the real deal about pregnancy?None the less, Bryan and I are beyond excited to meet our little girl in June! A little nervous to have 4 pets and a little baby (we will definitely be outnumbered) but let’s see how it goes.Serious question tho, would you want an honest video of what my pregnancy is really like? no filter kind of conversation or do you want to continue to romanticize pregnancy in your mind until it happens to you?#24weekspregnant #cutepregnancy #expectingmom #pregnant #junebaby #bumpstyle