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My Favorite Coats for Winter 2019

Winter in LA has finally arrived, and while the weather here is still much warmer than the typical winter, many days I still need a good coat to keep warm. Throughout winter, our coats and jackets really become the focal point of most outfits, this is why I am particularly picky when it comes to investing in a coat. There are some trends I like, but when buying a jacket I like something versatile that I can wear with many…

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Memories from the Desert

This year’s Revolve Festival was bigger and better than ever!!! I love going to the desert with them every year because its the best party to be at! Food, fashion, music and the best people cumulate into an unforgettable experience year after year!   This year the performances were unforgettable and the grounds of the Revolve Festival were quite a sight. A Moet maze, one of the carnival rides from Michael Jackson’s former estate, Skinny Bitch pizza, In n Out food truck, merch…

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5 Steps for Spring Cleaning your closet

Decide where you want to go The first step in starting any journey is to decide on your destination. Tidying up is no different. Instead of just going into your room and wreaking unorganized havoc, start with a roadmap. Decide in your mind where you want to go with your space. How do you want your room to feel? What style do you want to be your own? What clothes do you have or want to get that fit into…

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Staying slim the French way: no yoga pants or gym required

A common complaint many of us have when it comes to working out, staying slim, or being fit is that it interferes with our lives in some way. We don’t have time, we don’t want to sacrifice good food or drinks, and we certainly don’t want to miss out on our social life. What if I told you there’s a way to stay slim, healthy and happy in your own skin without ever stepping foot in a gym or sliding…

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Best Boxing Day Sales

The day after Christmas Sales are the best because the discounts are huge!! Also most things that you had your eye on before Christmas will probably be on sale now. Below are my favorite sales for Boxing Day!!! Happy shopping!!! Urban Outfitters has a great sale on men and women’s apparel on top of home stuff!!  Womens Favs: Men’s Favs: Home Fav’s Zaful: favorite site for staying on budget and on trend!! Fav’s to stay warm with Nordstrom Sale Fav’s  …

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