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Full Body Skincare

So much effort on skin care is focused on our face. The skin on our faces is much more sensitive and exposed to harsh elements considering our face is always exposed, and so much of the rest of our bodies are often is hidden. Yet skin care for our face is not the only skin care we should be mindful of, especially considering this upcoming Summer season. After all, our skin does cover us from head to toe. Let’s check out a…

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Why Dry Brushing Should Be a Part of Your Beauty Ritual

There are many beauty rituals in our daily lives. The more obvious ones, like brushing your teeth, your hair, makeup, etc. but there are a few other beauty rituals such as dry brushing that you should add to your daily routine. Dry brushing is a beauty trend that has been getting a lot of popularity for its effectiveness in reducing cellulite and many other clear skin benefits. Improves Circulation Dry brushing is effective because it stimulates circulation in your body.…

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