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Brushing Tips to Avoid Frizz

Have you ever had the perfect outfit, perfect makeup, and then you go to fix your hair and end up just fighting frizz? It’s so frustrating! But there are easy ways to avoid frizz just when combing and brushing your hair. Avoid brushing or combing dry hair, especially if your hair is curly. The best time to detangle is when hair is wet. To avoid frizz you want to use a wide tooth comb when detangling wet hair. Do not…

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Best Hair Products for Taming Frizz

Heat styling tools such as a straightener, blow dryer and curling iron are all quick and effective for getting your hair to behave the way you want it to. But too much heat tools can leave your hair damaged and much more frizzy and unmanageable in the long run. The best way to preserve your hair is to allow it to dry naturally. The main reason many of us don’t allow our hair to dry naturally is that it ends…

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