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How to overcome a fight with your significant other

Be Slow to Speak, Quick to Listen What’s the end goal, here? If your goal is to fight, get your point across, and feel better about yourself in the moment, then losing your anger and “venting” about all the ways the other person wronged you is easy to do. It also won’t get you anywhere. Make an attempt to truly understand the other person’s side of view, and this can be done only when you listen to them. Don’t just…

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How To Have a Successful Long Distance Relationship

Relationships can be our greatest joys in life, and having successful relationships is what we all aim for. Let’s face it, no body wants to go into a relationship thinking it will fail, but most people are counting down the days until one of you calls it quits. As if it isn’t challenging enough to make relationships succeed, adding many miles between the two of you can turn a difficult relationship into a seemingly impossible feat. But take heart, the…

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