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5 Best Healthy Yogurts

  Yogurt has been a staple breakfast food for decades. Increasingly it has become a healthy snack, too. Yogurt is not only delicious, but there are so many health benefits for starting your day with this healthy food. Yogurt contains calcium, potassium, vitamin B-12, Vitamin B-2, and magnesium, and an impressive amount of probiotics. Here are some of the healthiest yogurts on the shelves today! 1. Wallaby Organic Greek Yogurt Wallaby Greek yogurt is a staple for those who love extra…

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Should You Go Gluten Free?

Diet, fashion and fitness trends come and go and it can be hard to keep up. Yet with the growing technology and information being shared and spread more rapidly through the internet these days, it can make sense that we know more now and his can make healthy changes. Still, it can be hard to know what are trends you should avoid and let pass, and what trends you should join in on. There are downsides and benefits to every…

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Light & Fluffy Sourdough Pancakes

Not all pancakes are created equal, and quite frankly, that’s a good thing. The beauty of fermenting foods means that everything has a little extra kick, including sourdough. But did you know that there’s much more you can make with sourdough than bread and english muffins? As it turns out, there are many delicious recipes you can use your sourdough starter for, including a satisfying stack of these light and fluffy sourdough pancakes. Because the dough has been fermented, it…

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GF Coconut Apple Cinnamon Muffins

  If you’re looking for a low-calorie, healthy breakfast or just a sweet treat with all the flavor and none of the guilt, this recipe is one to try. Sometimes, I am just craving that carby-texture of pancakes, muffins, and breads in the morning, but I’m really not all about the carbs and sugars that come with it.   These muffins are a favorite of mine because they are simple to make, healthy to eat and satisfy my cravings without the guilt or bloat…

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Thick + Chewy Paleo Chocolate Chunk Cookies

Chocolate Chip Cookies are a staple when it comes to baking. The perfect and classic combination is simple to bake, and sure to be delicious. Simply put, you can’t go wrong with this classic go-to recipe. Yet, with all of the new studies out on the benefits of opting in for a gluten free/paleo diet, it can be a bit of a challenge to still indulge in all those classic goodies we love, like chocolate chip cookies.This cookie recipe is…

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