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Healthy Start Acai Bowl Recipe

Breakfast should be delicious, healthy and help you start your day right! This Acai berry smoothie bowl is the perfect way to get good energy, healthy protein, beauty benefits and put a smile on your face! Recipe: Combine acai (frozen packets from your local grocer) and a bag of frozen, organic mixed berries in the blender with enough water to blend. Top with these healthy goodies below and enjoy for a healthy breakfast, mid day snack, or late night ice cream…

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Today I thought I would share my new discovery at Whole Foods! Vanilla Macaroon granola! First of all, I like anything coconut flavored and I just so happen to love granola. I eat it as a sweet substitute when I get sweet cravings and have it as part of my breakfast. I try to eat relatively healthy, since I’’m not getting any younger but I’’m no expert when it comes to nutrition. My breakfasts usually consist of coffee, some sort…

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