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Personality tests every couple should take

Knowing these certain personality traits is really important when you are living with someone and trying to grow a relationship. It is important to know yourself first, so you can understand why you react to certain things, and so you can explain yourself to someone in a way that they can understand you. It is so healthy for the growth of your relationship to accept the person for who they are, rather than expecting things of them that are out…

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The not so secret beauty ingredient everyone needs

No matter how well your lipstick shade matches your skin, it just isn’t as pretty if you’re not smiling. Caught up in the enchanting details of our latest looks, it can be easy to forget the underlying not-so-secret beauty ingredient we all need to make it all work. At the end of the day, whatever your personal goals and aspirations are for your life; your outfit, makeup, health and fitness routine all play a role in who you are, but they…

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3 Reasons you should run every day

With so many workout and diet trends on the market, it’s easy to go from one gym to the next trying everything to stay in shape. But sometimes, the best workout for you is the most obvious and timeless one you can do: running. Running has incredible emotional and physical, short-term and long-term health and social benefits for you. These 3 reasons you should run every day are hard to deny.     1. Running is one of the best…

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Theories on Happiness: Which one do you believe?

How do you achieve happiness? Why is that someone who has seemingly nothing at all may be grinning and bursting with joy, whereas a rich and beautiful person can be miserable, and vice versa? Happiness is a subject of wild debate by every human being with breath in their lungs. What is our state of happiness, and how is it felt, achieved and shared? These three theories on happiness are all believed by different people, whether they know it or not, and…

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Simple Foods to Boost Your Mood

What’s your opinion on happiness? Do you think its a state of mind or a state of life? Do you believe that you are one job, relationship, new car or apartment away from happiness or do you think that it’s entirely up to a person’s attitude? Some scientists and nutritionists say the key to happiness can be as simple as changing your diet. Are you convinced? Can you eat your way to happiness? Check out these 5 foods below and decide…

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