Personality tests every couple should take

Knowing these certain personality traits is really important when you are living with someone and trying to grow a relationship. It is important to know yourself first, so you can understand why you react to certain things, and so you can explain yourself to someone in a way that they can understand you. It is so healthy for the growth of your relationship to accept the person for who they are, rather than expecting things of them that are out of their nature.

1. The Shapes Test

There are four shapes, circle, triangle, square, and squiggle. The idea is that whatever shape you choose reveals something about your personality. Now, we all have tendencies of each shape but there are more prominent ones that each of us carries in our work and personal lives. Squiggles tend to be creative, free spirits who don’t mind clutter and love spontaneity. Squares are quite the opposite, as they love order, hate clutter and need everything to make sense logically. Triangles are ambitious, assertive A-types and love to be in control. Circles are easy-going, hate making others unhappy and love to fix things. They’re really happy people but can tend to be a little too relaxed for the A-types. Knowing this shape can help you understand your natural tendencies and those of your partner to help you get along much better.

2. The Love Language Test

Saying “I love you” to someone is not the only way to show them that you care and love them. Whether you have taken the big leap by saying those 3 words, or if you are still on the cusp, there are ways to show love that really speak their language. Although we all receive and give love in these 5 ways, we each have certain tendencies to veer one way or the other. The 5 love languages are: acts of service, gift giving, words of affirmation, physical touch and quality time. You can tell right now which one your partner is just by thinking of the things they do for you. Maybe they always want to spend time with you, but they don’t necessarily need you to be touchy-feely with them all the time and don’t verbally talk much about how wonderful you are. This could indicate that they value time over words or touch. This doesn’t mean they don’t enjoy physical touch or kind works, but they don’t need it as much as they do spending time with you. Learning the language of the person can help you understand that just because they love you different does not mean they don’t love you, but just in their own way. It can also allow you to show them love in a way that speaks directly to their heart.

3. Meyers-Briggs Personality Test

Whenever you get a new job your employer may ask you to take this personality test. Tests like these are really useful for getting through school, finding the right career, and understanding yourself professionally, but they provide a lot of insight of who you are personally and can aid in your relationships, big time. Using a certain letter to indicate certain tendencies, these 4 letters your partner takes in a quick test can reveal a lot about them. The first letter is an “I” or an “E” for Introversion and Extroversion, revealing if someone if more prone to being social or alone. The second letter is “S” for sensing or “I” for intuition where s’s focus on reality more externally and I focus more on beliefs internally. The third letter is “F” or “T”,  F’s are “feelers” and t’s are “thinkers” where feelers tend to go with their gut and thinkers are much more logical when it comes to decision-making. The last letter if “J” or “P” where J is for judging and P is for perceiving. Judgers like matters settled and perceivers are good with things being open-ended.




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