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5 Plants you should have in your home to freshen your air and de-stress

Houseplants are the trend when it comes to interior design these days, and I am all for it. Not only do they bring that earthy, natural air to a space, but they actually filter your hair, making it a healthier environment to be in. It won’t come as a surprise that most people spend a majority of their time indoors. Home is considered a safe place, but did you know that your house from the carpet you walk on, to the…

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My Home Away from Home

Whenever moving to a new place, it’s so important that you make it home. A change of address doesn’t suddenly mean that you feel at home. There will be changes in your relationships, environment, and life that can take a long time to get adjusted to. Making your place the way you like it by incorporating nostalgic features from the past, and new pieces for your future is a great way to remember where you came from, but also embrace…

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Best Boxing Day Sales

The day after Christmas Sales are the best because the discounts are huge!! Also most things that you had your eye on before Christmas will probably be on sale now. Below are my favorite sales for Boxing Day!!! Happy shopping!!! Urban Outfitters has a great sale on men and women’s apparel on top of home stuff!!  Womens Favs: Men’s Favs: Home Fav’s Zaful: favorite site for staying on budget and on trend!! Fav’s to stay warm with Nordstrom Sale Fav’s  …

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Comfortable, Stylish and Affordable: Finding the perfect couch

Finding the perfect sofa for a space is something everyone deals with. To some, it seems like a daunting task and others look forward to the challenge. I always get excited moving into a new spot because it means I can redecorate! So I wanted to share with you all my living room decor progress and my new couch. A sofa is such a big piece in any home and often one of the most utilized pieces of furniture so…

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