Comfortable, Stylish and Affordable: Finding the perfect couch

Finding the perfect sofa for a space is something everyone deals with. To some, it seems like a daunting task and others look forward to the challenge. I always get excited moving into a new spot because it means I can redecorate! So I wanted to share with you all my living room decor progress and my new couch.

A sofa is such a big piece in any home and often one of the most utilized pieces of furniture so I want to be sure I was making the right choice. After debating if I should pick a couch or a sectional I settled on a couch because it’s more versatile in a space. I wanted to find a couch that came with a matching ottoman so I can use it as a sectional if I wanted to but have the option to pull it apart and use it as a coffee table or extra seating if needed.

I had purchased a sofa from in the past so I decided to look there again because they were affordable and had really cute couch designs that came in an array of colors and patterns. I’ve always had very neutral decor in all my living spaces but for some reason I wanted to spice it up this time. I decided to go with a mid-century modern theme and a blue, mustard yellow and white color scheme. After browsing the APT2B site for half hour I settled on the Jackson sofa in a Slate color that gave me the option to order a custom ottoman in the same color and fabric. They were able to make my ottoman and deliver it along with my sofa very quickly and as you can tell my cats already made themselves comfortable on it.

My cats and I are very happy with our new couch and I look forward to adding the finishing touches on my new living room.

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Jackson Sofa

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