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Top Things to Do in Molokai

  The island of Molokai is in a place to visit for cultural immersion and relaxation. If you want to unplug, unwind, and enjoy beautiful beaches and a true Hawaiian getaway, Molokai could be the island for you.  The best way to see Molokai is without a plan because it allows you to freely explore the island without obligations and have a laid back mindset. If you visit the island of Molokai, then you can still have an idea of…

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My Trip to Molokai

  Molokai island also referred to the belly button of Hawaii is one of the most remote and authentic islands in the Hawaiian chain. Located a mere 9 miles off the coast of Maui, Molokai is a valued member of the family of Hawaiian islands, yet it stands out amongst the rest. Having never been conquered, Molokai upholds an intense loyalty to their ancient Hawaiian heritage.   The shorelines of Molokai are not glittered with beachfront resorts, the shore breaks…

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5 Benefits of Being in Nature

Living in the city can be such an exciting ride, with so much to do all of the time, and an enlivening energy in the air. Yet there are many benefits to being in nature that we can easily forget when we are caught up in work, our to-do list, and our social sphere. Whenever we do make the time, it tends to be something refreshing and memorable. Spending time in nature has many benefits for us and our health that stem…

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Top Tips for Traveling to Alaska in the Winter

Contrary to popular belief, Alaska is not always cold and dark. Alaska boasts various seasons with warm summers, vibrant fall colors and a beautiful winter with powdery snow-peaked mountains. Traveling to Alaska is great for anyone with a sense of adventure, and a desire to bask in the great outdoors to experience pure untainted wilderness. There is much to see and do year round. Yet, traveling to Alaska in winter is not for the faint of heart. With temperatures diving…

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Portland, and why it’s soooo nice

Last weekend I flew to Portland to see one of my best friends Madison. She is a Portland native that has recently moved back so I decided that was a great reason to go visit. To give you guys a little backstory, I’ve been to Oregon a couple times but never quite made it to Portland. So, every time I would bring up Seattle and how it’s STILL my favorite city in the US, Maddie would always say, “well, you’ve…

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