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What’s In My Suitcase?

You ask, I answer! As you know, I travel often, and all of this travel can be exhausting. Last year I promised myself that I’d try and arrange more of my trips back-to-back so that I would travel for a month or so and then have more time at home in between. This means I am often traveling for a month at a time. I’ve been asked several times how I pack for such long trips, especially when I’m visiting…

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Master moving hacks

I absolutely dread moving! Maybe because I’ve moved almost every year since 2011. It’s exhausting, overwhelming and most importantly time consuming. Valuable time that can be spent being productive in other ways is spent sorting through piles of clothes and junk trying to decide how much of a hoarder you really want to be. Moving so often you’d think I’m an expert at it but it’s still just as stressful at the beginning until I remember I have a system…

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