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I absolutely dread moving! Maybe because I’ve moved almost every year since 2011. It’s exhausting, overwhelming and most importantly time consuming. Valuable time that can be spent being productive in other ways is spent sorting through piles of clothes and junk trying to decide how much of a hoarder you really want to be.


Moving so often you’d think I’m an expert at it but it’s still just as stressful at the beginning until I remember I have a system now. Sort of.

Moving time is now a type of spring cleaning for me. I go through and get rid of what I really don’t need and things I feel have served their purpose. It’s a great time to clean house and get rid of items from a past relationship, friendship or even a past life. Once I’ve narrowed it down to the bare minimum that I just can’t part with for whatever reason, I start my process.

  1. Find a moving company: If you have too much stuff and renting a truck and doing it yourself isn’t an option then get a moving company. I used to rope my parents into moving my stuff but they are older now and I just wouldn’t feel great if they hurt themselves helping me. My friend told me I should always go through Groupon and Living Social when looking for movers. It’s a great idea because you can see the different deals they have available and get a better deal than you would get just calling the company outright. For example, many companies have deals where they give you 3 hours and two movers and a truck for half the price. They will even take apart and reassemble furniture too! But remember, this will cut into your moving time which might cost you additional money. Some companies will even box up everything for you but to stay on budget, I like to box up everything before. Another reason to do that is so you know where everything is because having a bunch of boxes everywhere when you’re trying to find a specific item can be frustrating.
  2. Boxes are expensive be creative: Buying boxes from Home Depot or worse a storage place can get expensive! If you are on a tight budget try going to your local supermarket or store later in the evening and ask for their emplty boxes they have from unpacking that days goods. Also local corner stors might have them as well. If you’re a student ask the admin office if they have unused boxes. Your last resort should be buying them. Even the I would recomend those used box stores.
  3. Label your boxes descriptively: My friends always laugh at the descriptions I write on my boxes. I don’t write just the room name and category or the items. I like to list out what’s in the boxes. This way of I haven’t unpacked yet and need to find something, it’s much easier. For example: Polkadot tops for summer
  4. Never let movers move valuables: I prefer to move small safes, jewelry, small TVs and other items that hold monetary or sentimental value to me myself. Those items usually go in my car and I put them in my new place after movers have left.
  5. Get rid of the old and make room for the new: Depending on the reason for your move its always a good idea to start fresh and bring some new things to your life. Now I understand most people are on a budget so this doesn’t have to mean go out and buy a bunch of new furniture. You can refurbish your current furniture. For some ideas on sprucing up your pad on a budget check out my other blog post HERE.
  6. Unpack promptly: Don’t leave your stuff packed in boxes for too long. Unpack promptly so you can settle into your new spot and feel comfortable. I notice I have a hard time starting a project but I tend to gain momentum once I start and accomplish so much once I get going. Sort of like procrastinating cleaning but once you get started, you’re a cleaning machine!! The longer you wake up seeing boxes every day, the more overwhelming the task will feel. Take it one box at a time.

For more helpful tips check out my youtube video below. I’m giving away a Safavieh outdoor patio set so watch until the end 🙂 Good Luck!

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