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Taking a Break from Technology: My realistic approach

Going into the new year, we all tend to make lots of goals and resolutions for ourselves. Some of you may be making the resolution to take a break from technology, so I thought I would share my own experience of doing just that. While I was away for my wedding I was surrounded by all of my friends and loved ones, and I realized how nice it was to have a week away from the real world to enjoy…

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The new iPhone 6s, invasion of privacy or nah?

The recent iPhone software update is interesting, to say the least. Although this hasn’t happened to me yet, a few of my friends mentioned the iPhone knew where they were going as soon as they sat down in the car! That’s a little creepy I think. One of my friends said it told him he was going to work and the time it would take him to get there without it being prompted to do so. He freaked out and…

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