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Snacking for Beauty

Beauty-boosting hacks are found more abundantly in the kitchen than in the bathroom. Sure, a good few makeup tricks can change your whole look, but nothing is sexier than healthy skin. Eating right is the first step for achieving beautiful and healthy hair, skin, nails and physique you crave. Snacking right is a simple change that can make the world of a difference. Whether it’s an in-between meal treat, or what you pack on a long road trip or hike,…

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Simple and Savory Chicken Salad

I think we can all come to the agreeance that salads are no longer a boring, distasteful option on menus and for mealtime like they once were. People used to categorize a salad-eater as maybe boring or a health nut, but the truth is, salads can be just as delicious, savory and satisfying as any other dish. And regardless of how “health conscious” you know that we all need our greens to stay in tip top health and physical shape.…

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