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Best West Coast road trips to take in your lifetime

Highway 395: Eastern SierrasMassive valleys and steep rocky mountain peaks that stretch to the highest mountain peak in the lower 48: Mt. Whitney. Owens River Valley is another attraction along this route. Nestled between two monstrous mountains, this valley offers access to hundreds upon hundreds of lakes, hikes, and trails all within a 20-minute drive off the main route. For an added bonus, visit the naturally occurring hot springs, and even a hot creek to bath and indulge in along the…

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My Weekend in Nashville

Nashville is one of my new favorite places to visit, this year. The fall season is beautiful with the changing trees, and it is such a vibrant and lively city that there is always so much to do and see. I loved visiting Nashville because there is so much to explore. I just returned from Nashville a few days ago, and it was another amazing time where the Music City did not disappoint. Check out more from my week in Nashville…

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Best Destinations to Escape to During the Winter Months

1. Dominican Republic This island is warm year round, located in the Caribbean just west of Puerto Rico. With the sun shining on your shoulders, white sandy beaches, pristine clear blue water and the only thing on your agenda is to relax seaside with a drink in hand the “DR” is a must for a top winter destination. If you live in a cold climate and want to escape the rough cold, then an island will always have your back with…

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5 Steps to making your travel dreams come true

Step 1: Dream it out in detail When it comes to traveling, we all have some elaborate dreams on our bucket list. Whether it’s updating your closet shopping in Paris, drinking sangria on a beach in Spain, seeing the ancient ruins in Thailand, practicing your yoga in Bali or riding a camel in the Moroccan desert… endless travel dreams exist in every one of us. Some are so far away, they feel like a distant and impossible to reach star in…

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Staying slim the French way: no yoga pants or gym required

A common complaint many of us have when it comes to working out, staying slim, or being fit is that it interferes with our lives in some way. We don’t have time, we don’t want to sacrifice good food or drinks, and we certainly don’t want to miss out on our social life. What if I told you there’s a way to stay slim, healthy and happy in your own skin without ever stepping foot in a gym or sliding…

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