My Home Away from Home

Whenever moving to a new place, it’s so important that you make it home. A change of address doesn’t suddenly mean that you feel at home. There will be changes in your relationships, environment, and life that can take a long time to get adjusted to. Making your place the way you like it by incorporating nostalgic features from the past, and new pieces for your future is a great way to remember where you came from, but also embrace what is ahead, and most of all: make you feel like you’re at your home away from home. While living in France, there were so many culture and lifestyle changes that I had to adjust to, it was a foreign country! But keeping my place for my fiancè and I “homey” made all the difference.

When designing any home, it’s important to feel comfortable with the way it looks, feels, and with the amount of money, you spent to get it that way. In France, I used Wayfair UK to stay on budget but still have a cozy and comfy home that Bryan and I loved coming home to. Wayfair is one of the world’s largest online retailers of home furnishings and décor, so I knew that I could count on them to have something near me. Shopping online when living away from home makes thing so much easier! Getting around town to different stores can be too time consuming and expensive considering where you are living. In France, shopping online was a must! Rather than trying to navigate through a language I didn’t speak and roads I didn’t know, Wayfair’s speedy shipping and great customer service allowed me to talk to someone in English and be helped with my furniture questions.

When furnishing and decorating in France, I considered our practical needs, like the spaciousness of our apartment, the budget we had to work within, and getting a couch long enough for my 6’5″ tall fiancè to lounge on! Other things like personal taste and preferences played an important role, I wanted it to look cute and feel inviting. My colors for décor were Navy and Blue, which I loved and Wayfair had so many items that fit my taste. Best of all, I was able to find the perfect pieces for a happy home when I was feeling homesick, making our place, not just another apartment, but a home away from home.


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