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My Molokai Vlog

My first trip to Molokai I didn’t know what to expect. I heard it wasn’t like the other Hawaiian islands so I came with an open mind and no expectations. What I found was beauty in nature and people alike! This is one of three videos about my trip to Molokai. So stay tuned!    …

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Top 5 Travel Hacks to Make Traveling Easier

Whether you’ve visited every country, or this is your first time traveling, there is always something new to learn about travel and ways to improve your experience. Through the years of my travel experiences, I have been able to gather some of my top travel hacks to make traveling easier. With all of the unknowns and unexpected things that come along with traveling, there’s a lot that is out of our control, but there are some things you can do…

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7 Beauty Travel Hacks

Traveling to any new place can leave us with unexpected challenges and hiccups, but your beauty routine should not leave you with any surprises! It’s hard enough leaving your bathroom, mirror and shower full of everything you need to get ready for the day, but traveling takes a toll on the convenience of getting ready and the way we look and feel. These beauty travel hacks have helped me in the past; they are simple, and sure to ease your…

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An organic approach to facials

Recently, I felt my skin needed a pick me up. I was getting a lot of breakouts so I decided to go in and see my girl Leslie at Skin Worship for a 50 minute facial! She was wonderful enough to let me bring my camera in with me so I can vlog to you guys during my facial. She had some great beauty tips for us like using a cleanser on dry skin instead of wetting out face before…

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6 Simple Tips for Successfully Documenting Your Adventure With an iPhone

When traveling so often and with so much on my agenda, it can be challenging to create unique and constant content. It’s important for my followers and I that I not only capture and share my experiences, but also embrace the experience. A professional camera, gear, and lenses can get pricey, and simply too much to carry when traveling. But there’s good news! You don’t have to have a professional quality camera, or a refined set of skills to successfully…

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