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  1. Sue says

    I think it’s cool that you’re starting to do videos. They’re very simple and easy to follow. Your skin looks so perfect all the time, so I was wondering if you had any tips as far as cleansers, moisturizers or anything ? Any tips for clear skin?

  2. Floortje says

    Would love if you did it with a turorial and up close, so we can see how you use the product, because I really like how you look so natural. And I so want to know what you use on your lips! Is it a pencil or lipstick?

  3. Jessica welcome says

    Great video!! I too love that foundation brush!! Looking forward to your next vid. Going to go try that foundation tomorrow:)

  4. Laken says

    I love that you’re doing videos! I watch YouTube videos all the time and some use a specific light (I think it’s called a ring light) to help make their videos more clear so you can really see details, I think that would improve video quality that everyone would appreciate and attract more viewers! Other than that you’re doing great, props to you for starting videos I would be so awkward haha but your video flows well and to the point without dragging on 🙂 I agree with another person’s comment about doing a video on your skincare routine, like cleaners and moisturizers you use morning and night!

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