The best loungewear

Whether I’m working from home for the day, enjoying a lazy weekend, or having a movie night in on the couch, comfortable and stylish loungewear is always a must-have for me. Here are some of my favorite loungewear brands for your days of irresistibly cozy relaxation.


  1. M/F people

M/F people is unisex clothing company, so men and women: this is for you both. M/f has taken the approach to design all their clothing products to be unisex, leaving up to you and me to decide if we want to wear it or not, instead of a label telling us what to do. This is good news for all you ladies who have always found your boyfriend’s sweatpants and hoodies to be way more comfortable than your own. My favorite M/F products are their sweatpants, which use Peruvian (AKA super soft) cotton, and are stylish enough for me to wear them when I have company over.


2. Eberjey

Intimates, lounge, and swimwear brand, Eberjey specializes in all things soft and sexy. This is the loungewear you want to be caught in when your cat gets out and you have to run down the street and a cute boy comes to help, they are that cute.

3. Monrow

Monrow classics and supersoft collections make their way to the top of my list for best loungewear. Their hoodies (in the pic above) are my favorite. If you’re going to spend all day lounging in a comfy hoodie, why not make it super soft? Monrow has mastered their loungewear well and give you a little more color where many other brands stop at neutral and grey palettes.

4. Skin

Skin clothing brand is a go-to for women’s essentials. Just like the name, the fabric is so soft and light that it’s perfect for the days that you don’t feel like wearing anything at all. Their dresses and loose hoodies are some of their most irresistible pieces.


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