The Hawaiian Ingredient You Need to Incorporate into Your Routine

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Chances are, you’ve never heard of Noni before, but this sacred Hawaiian fruit has such a wide variety of medicinal uses that it could just be the next big “superfood” trend. The plant can be ingested or applied topically as an incredibly effective regimen for health and wellness, inside and out. Many studies have proven Noni to be a powerful supplement for hair, skin, cardiovascular, liver, and immune health and I’m here to break it down for you.

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Noni juice can be really good for overall heart health by preventing thickening or hardening of artery walls and lowers blood pressure and cholesterol in the process. It has the ability to protect your liver from exposure to harsh toxins and chemicals that cause damage over time. 

Noni juice contains scopoletin, an anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, anti-bacterial, antihistamine, and antifungal that makes it an incredibly effective skincare treatment for acne and when taken orally, boosts immune system better than any kind of vitamin C supplement alone. However, it does contain large amounts of vitamin C that contribute to its overall effectiveness. Native Hawaiians have sworn by Noni for centuries as the cure to the common cold. 

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The anti-inflammatory properties have been proven to be an effective treatment for ailments like arthritis and chronic pain because it can quickly lower inflammation and ease pain and sensitivity. According to the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health, Noni contains tumor-fighting properties and increases immunity so well that its an effective treatment for cancer when paired with traditional treatment.

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When it comes to hair care and skincare, whether ingested or applied topically, studies suggest the anthraquinones found in the plant activate collagen production to help prevent the formation of wrinkles and helps hair grow longer and stronger. The ancient Hawaiians used Noni on burns and wounds because of its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties and the triggering of collagen production and hydroxyproline.

Noni is a savior when it comes to muscle spasms and PMS due to its high amounts of potassium. I’m sure you’ve always heard that eating a banana can be a great aid for muscle cramps and the same rules apply here, but with fewer carbs and higher nutritional value than a banana.

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The plant comes in many forms from extracts, to powders, to capsules, to face serums and beyond. Be aware of packaged Noni juices though, manufacturers often add sugar and other fruit juices to mask the taste and smell of Noni, which I must warn you, is not very pleasant. 

The list of uses for Noni is endless and taking it as a daily supplement in your tea or smoothies in the morning and incorporating products into your skincare routine is a good preventative measure to ensure maximum health and wellbeing. There are even some makeup products that include Noni extracts already. Some of my favorites are available below:

Multiple scientific studies have been done and many are still being conducted to truly understand this seemingly magical fruit, but those living in the more tropical climates that Noni is native to, have known the gentleness, yet effectiveness of the medicinal plant for thousands of years.

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