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  1. James van der Beek says

    I cannot stand when people discuss gender differences in general terms. No one is born out of a cookie cutter. People are people. Start treating everyone like individuals and your life will be much better.

    • MissCenzi says

      It is all but a manner of opinion. In my opinion, I’d find anyone naive who thought that everyone is completely unique to their own and that this article is not even the slight bit relevant to many people. Through general people studies very common norms are found among social situations and genders. Unfortunately, everyone and personal situations in this world are not like unique snowflakes, there are many similarities (of which this blogger hit the nail on a common one).

  2. Cate says

    No, the key for coexisting better is to NOT generalize and understand every man and woman is different. I know plenty of women and men who are not like your description at all. As long as anyone goes “Women are…”, “Men are….” they will fail in relationships. And as a woman I really hate to see a woman generalize all women over what SHE thinks and feels like.

  3. MissCenzi says

    As I was reading this I couldn’t help but chuckle at the uncanny resemblance this brings to my relationship. He’s always spouting “I’m fine.” and not vocalizing anything deep while every now and then I have a huge rant to give him about my current feelings. Unfortunately, this does entail some exhaustion on him as he cannot seem to grasp my over analyzing, emotional ways (fortunate for him I can communicate in a cool, level headed manner). Fortunate for me he’s a great listener and respects my feelings. Always ends in hugs and kisses. 🙂

  4. Dude says

    If you have not, you should read “5 love languages”. Every person understands love in a different way and it is understanding how the other person wants to be loved.

  5. Candace Wells says

    This post is so true. Sometimes communicating with a man is difficult because we think so differently. My husband is a very quiet man and sometimes he baffles me with his calmness.

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