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  1. Lauren says

    I started following you on IG and then your blog. I left IG because I found myself on it way too much and becoming way too absorbed with it, but I’ve still enjoyed following your blog. I’m glad to hear you’ll be posting on here more! You’ve always seemed very “real” to me in a world of fakeness and I find that truly refreshing.

    • andreeabolbea says

      Hi Lauren, wow I’m so flattered you continued to follow my blog and I’m so grateful. Which posts resonate with you most? I’m excited to share more on my site. Hopefully, people will eventually remember to check the blog too. I really glad you are here.

      • Elena says

        Hi Andreea,

        I started following you about 3 months ago because you captured my interest with some of your posts. I really appreciate your authenticity.
        I am encouraging you to be yourself and do or post what truly gives you pleasure and satisfaction, no matter how many people will appreciate your posts, or follow you. Quality is above quantity. Don’t fall in the Instagram’s trapp on fitting in the crowd… It’s not a healthy and long lasting option. You must always put yourself above anything or anyone else, think of your own health and happiness.
        Your loved ones will be there for you, unconditionally, so don’t neglect them
        Besides, inspiring teen girls and not only, in a healthy way can really have a positive impact on society’s future.
        Keep up the good work!
        Kind regards!
        Elena 💝
        By the way, I have Romanian origins, too! :😊

  2. Abhinav Singh says

    You are beautiful inside out. I have been following you on indtagram for years.
    I am not a big social media person, but I like to see your posts on IG. I noticed that your posts perspective took a shift, from a free spirited girl to more of a commercialized set up.
    Either way, I still love your posts, and find you bery beautiful.
    Thanks for sharing your story. It definitely inspired me, and reinforced my belief that always be grateful fpr what you have and keep working towards new goals.

    • andreeabolbea says

      Thank you so much, I appreciate you taking the time to read. Yes, unfortunately, I have to take some paid jobs on IG to pay bills but I am getting back to why I loved this blogging world in the first place. the creativity and the personal connection.

  3. Jacqueline says

    I really wish you all the best for this New Year and hope you find something more interesting than Instagram, and that fills your heart with ❤️ and joy! 🥂2️⃣0️⃣2️⃣0️⃣

  4. Aurela says

    Thank you for sharing this article. I came across your article from Rose stories (she is my friend) I have been struggling and thinking of going back to work but I hold back because I love what o do and it has been my passion for so long. I’ve had amazing opportunists, worked with amazing brands but yet I feel Instagram shuttered my dream! I have to stop comparing myself too because that makes me more confused or angry! Thank you, good luck !

  5. Katherine L says

    I enjoy reading your posts and learning about your insights – whether it be self-esteem to relationships. Personal growth is always so important. Glad to hear you’re approaching the influencer lifestyle from a new perspective!

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