5 Simple things you can do for a better night sleep

There’s a reason they call it “beauty sleep”. Getting enough sleep is crucial for your body to function properly. Your cells, organs, muscles and every bodily function require energy, and sleep is how our bodies recover and rest to work for us. So many of us deprive our bodies from sleep and don’t even know it; instead, we fuel our bodies with caffeine and sugary foods to make up for our lack of energy. But coping with our exhaustion this way can have damaging long-term effects. The best thing we can do for our bodies both in the short term and the long term is to get enough sleep, and consistently. Whether you suffer from tiredness or insomnia and realize that you need better sleep, or didn’t think you had the problem, better sleeping habits can be the key to improving your health and give your body the extra boost it needs to take on the day.


Stick to a schedule

As if it’s not hard enough waking up in the morning, the last thing we want to do is to shock our bodies into waking up or going to bed way earlier or later than its used to. Sleep habits are just like any other habits, where it takes time for your body to fall into a routine, but once it does, try to stick to it. It will give that snooze button a rest when your body wakes up naturally at the same time every day. Even if you’re not tired at first, try to go to bed at the same time to get your body into a schedule.


Turn off the blue light before bed

Cell phone, TV, iPad, laptop… whatever it is that you look at before bed, which, let’s face it– for most of us it’s our iPhones– is actually damaging to your eyes and mind. Your mind is engaged and active when you are looking at the blue screen, so calm down before bed and allow your mind and eyes to rest before falling asleep. Try picking up a good book instead or doing some yoga before you crawl into your sheets, this is better for your mind, body, and spirit.

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Take Magnesium

Taking magnesium is a supplement that not only aids your overall health and bodily functions, but it can calm your mind and give you a better night sleep. Your brain needs magnesium, and although your body is at rest, your mind is not. Make sure you’re nourishing your mind.

Exercise daily

If your body has adequate aerobic and cardio exercise throughout the day, sleep will come easy. Blood flow will be better, your muscles will be healthier, and you will point blank just be more exhausted and ready for bed when the time comes. Avoid working out right before bed (unless it’s a relaxing yoga session) because working out wakes your body up. Exercising first thing in the morning can be the healthiest way to boost natural energy all day, and leave you ready for rest in the evening.


Give your mattress an upgrade

Probably one of the most obvious, yet somehow forgotten¬†reason people struggle with insomnia is because of discomfort. When your body is trying to find rest, help it out, it works hard for you all day. Casper makes a great mattress, it’s outrageously comfortable and mindful of the pressure points on the body yet somehow magically affordable. If you’re struggling with insomnia at all, or if you just want to boost your health and comfort, then consider a new mattress.


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