Top 5 Christmas gifts for your girl

The holiday season is almost here and you still haven’t gotten your lady anything? If you are lost and out of ideas here is a short list I put together to help make your woman happy 🙂

    1. Beauty Box: Putting together a box of goodies you think she might like is a very thoughtful gift that will definitely get you brownie points. Don’t overthink too much. Just keep it simple and from the heart but think of items she will actually use. Maybe her favorite perfume is running low and you get her a smaller size for her purse or some great face masks and pampering products for her beauty rituals. If you’re not sure you can always as the ladies at Sephora or Ulta and I know they would be more than happy to help. Every girl likes makeup so you cant go wrong with a makeup palette. If you arn’t sure what colors she might like, every lady needs a nude color palette, a smokey eye one and one with shinny, wet looking colors. Any one of those might work. Also make sure to include a brush cleaner and eyelash curler and maybe ask about a new mascara that is new and popular and throw that in so she ca try something new. A good mascara price point when your getting it as a gift os the $20 dollar ones and up. I KNOW, shocking we spend that much on makeup, right?s1719038-main-hero-300 s1751270-main-hero-300
    2. Workout clothes: These days, workout clothing is the norm when your out and about running errand or just hanging out. Brands such as Prana, Lorna Jane and Lulu Lemon have made strides in turning workout wear into daily wear. A pair of black leggings or a black zip up workout jacket is always a staple in any girls closet. These brands are on the pricier side so maybe its not in the budget for her to buy that for herself so you buying it might make it extra special and her extra happy. Remember, when you are trying to pick the right size for tight yoga pants or tight stretchy tops, I would size up because those tend to be less forgiving. I am pretty small and sizing up when I buy yoga pants is great because you never want a muffin top or camel toe. Just trying to keep it real here. Include a gift receipt that way its implied that its ok to return or exchange if she’s not happy. w-give-actively-rightLW4H98S_0001_1
    3. Ugg boots: These are always a good idea unless you’re in a tropical climate. There are so many choices that are similar to Uggs and they all come at different price points. Bear Paws are similar but at the lower end of the price range. Another option is EMU boots. They are a tad higher than Bear Paws and lower than the classic UGGs. If you are dealing with an even smaller budget, Target also sells similar boots for a cheaper price. Again, unless you know she absolutely LOVES a specific color try and stick with neutrals for less of a return likelihood. Black, brown, grey and white always go over well and can be easily styled.

  1. DIY gift: Maybe you don’t have a budget this year. That’s ok, just MAKE something! We ladies love that stuff. If you put time and energy into something, we are suckers for it. Think about what she likes and make a coupon book she can use at her discretion. Ideas of coupons could be: a back massage on command without stopping for half an hour, foot rub, her choice of movie, a boys night Vito and so on…il_fullxfull.539912161_3ouh
  2. Clothing: a bathrobe or cute pajamas are another way to go. You can probably tell her style if you have been paying attention at all and you can pick out something she will use. Gifts that are useful will make that person think of you every time they use the item and it will make you happier seeing them get use out of it. Different options might be a terry robe, a silk robe, a fuzzy robe or maybe even a robe and matching house slippers. Pajamas are also cute especially if you find something that matches her personality. Think about what she usually wears. Is she a graphic T-shirt kind of girl? Or maybe she prefers plaid and chucks. If she’s super girly, then maybe fuzzy and very plush might be the way to go. Gap carries some great bathrobe and pajama sets as well as Victoria Secret.cozy-fur-robe-chinchilla-c

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