Top Tips for Heart Health this Valentines Day

With all the roses, love posts on social media and decor everywhere you go, it’s clear that love is in the air for many, and maybe a bit of heartbreak for others. But let’s talk about some real heart health this Valentines Day, as February is the official month for raising awareness for heart disease.


Hey ladies, did you know that heart disease is the number one killer of women in the US, even more than breast cancer? National Wear Red Day is put on by the American Heart Association, and people all around the country wear red in support to raise awareness.


With all of the talk about hearts this Valentines Day, here’s some top tips for keepin that one heart of yours healthy.


Heart Healthy Diet

Eating a well-balanced diet with many fruits and veggies is the way to go to help your heart. Certain foods such as fish that are high in Omega 3s, nuts, and berries are the best way to increase your heart health.



Aerobic exercise are the most important for heart health. Walking, running, biking, hiking, yoga, and swimming are great examples of aerobic exercises to have a healthy blood flow and increase longevity to prevent heart disease.


Check Ups

Going to your doctor for screenings, checking your blood pressure, BMI and cholesterol levels are all ways that your doctor can help you identify if your heart is healthy or if you are at risk for disease. Begin check ups when you are 20, and return to your doctor regularly for visits.


Be at Peace

High stress is a main cause of heart disease, and heartbreak in general. Remember to count your blessings, be joyful in all situations and find your inner strength, calm and peace. This effects your heart both at an emotional and physiological level.


However you spend your Valentines day, remember to love and care for your body and your heart so you can give love and kindness to others.


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