10 Tips for Solo Female Travelers

So many places to go, so little time. If you’re a woman with a wanderlust spirit, you just don’t have the time to wait for a man or another friend to hop on board with your travel dreams for you to sail away. Not only does traveling solo as a female come with its own challenges, but it comes with its own rewards; things like self-discovery, meeting new people, being able to do everything on your planned schedule and sticking to it like glue, or none of it at all, scrapping the rule book and it being completely awesome either way. You just can’t do that with other people sometimes. But beware, solo female travelers, there are just as many risks as rewards, but if you follow these top tips for solo female travelers, you’re going to be a-ok.


Know where you are going and how you will get there

Before you leave to travel, look up what public transportation you will use, and before you head out for the day, double check your booking and the schedule for the bus, train, etc. Look up where you will go and what you will do when you get on and off and take a quick visit to the train or bus station you’re going to use to get familiar so you’re not rushed, late or miss it and become stranded.

Make copies of your important documents

As a woman traveling alone, you may be a target for pick-pocketers and thieves in the streets. Make copies of your important documents, such as your ID, passport and anything else you may need. Have your phone contacts and info. backed up somewhere, too just in case your phone is lost or stolen.

Know the local emergency numbers & Stations

If you’re traveling internationally, look up the consulate, the police station and other “safe zones” just in case you get in a bind and really need some help. Find out the local emergency numbers online before you go, or before you leave your hotel just in case that emergency phone call needs to be made.

Pay attention to what you look like

It’s a treat in the US to be able to freely express our bodies and fashion and wear whatever we please. In many other countries, this is not the case. If you are traveling alone as a woman, opt for modesty over cuteness. You don’t want to attract any more attention to yourself in a negative way.

Let friends or family know where you are

Whether it’s a solo hiking trip or a trip out of the country, tell your friends where you are going and when. Schedule a time that you will call them, and stick to it, that way if something fishy is up, they can know to be concerned.

Pay attention to your surroundings

So often when traveling, it is easy to get lost in the experience and to be so set on the sights and scenes that we forget about the safety of where we are. Remember to look up, to look around and to scope out anyone who may be looking the wrong way.

Don’t assume anywhere is safe

Sometimes being in a crowded piazza in Europe can be just as threatening as being in a dark alley alone. Don’t assume that just because somewhere isn’t “stereotypically “dangerous” that it’s safe. Trust your instincts and try to have a sound judgment and do not be naive when it comes to being alone or trusting strangers.

Get advice from locals

Depending on how remote it is you’re going, getting local advice is always the best bet for what’s safe and not. If you’re staying in an Airbnb, don’t be afraid to ask your hosts about what to avoid and at what time.

Use street smarts

Anywhere you go, the rule remains that you just have to be smart. This is just a matter of being mindful of the dangers that exist and being sure to think and to trust your gut.

Don’t forget your apps

When traveling alone, you may find yourself in a situation when you don’t have anyone else to rely on. Avoid getting in those tight spots and make traveling easier. Use your phone as your friend. Download translator apps, map apps, and communication apps or whatever you will need for that specific place.

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