Vintage Swimwear: Is it back for good?

We all have that one trend we wish would stay around for good. It makes its way from the high-fashion runways and name-brand lines down to department stores, outlets and every store in your mall, and before you know it, it’s littering your IG feed. Some trends stay around for a long time, and some seem to fade quietly away. I guess you just have to enjoy it while it lasts because it can be hard to say when it will be considered old news.

Perhaps the best summer trend we have seen this year is vintage swimwear, and I can’t help but wonder if this is a trend that is here to stay… at least for a good while. Classic suits with checkered, floral, and solid colors are gracing the beaches and pools this summer. But what makes these suits vintage is the ruffles, high waists and full-coverage tops. This vintage swimwear trend taps into what made those classic suits so adorable, but adds a new age spin and they fit wonderfully and are oh-so flattering.


Swimwear is functional for many. Surfers and swimmers are loving the coverage of the tops. And we can’t forget the fact that this swimwear is worn by women, on a beach. It’s so flattering we can’t help but hope it will stay here for a while. Those who have a larger bust and just don’t want to worry about the triangle bikini nip-slip this summer are loving the square tops, those with smaller busts are given a more curvier and flattering look with the ruffled and ruched bralettes. Those insecure about their midsection or simply not wanting to worry about having their lower belly peeking out get to embrace the trendy and slimming high-waited bottoms.


So, Vintage swimwear is in. But is it here to stay? I’d love to hear your thoughts! Leave a comment below and let’s heart what you think!




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