Want to wake up happy? These 4 simple tricks will give you a better nights sleep

  1. Sleep in something comfortable

It may sound pretty simple, but sleeping in something your body is actually comfortable in can be something easy to look past. Tight yoga pants, bras, and other tight fitting clothing restricts your lymphatic system and can disrupt your blood flow, sleep, and relaxation. Put on something silky smooth, loose on the seams, and even ditch the panties to increase your physical health for a better night’s sleep. Waking up in something silky, sexy and comfortable will leave you relaxed all night, and with a smile on your face when you wake.

2. Exercise before dinner

Expending energy during the day is a sure fire way to help you fall into a deeper sleep. But exercising too close to bed can actually do the opposite effect, and wake you up! A good rule of thumb to helping you wake up happy is to exercise before your last meal. To make your diet and exercise routine even more beneficial for sleep, avoid eating within 2 hours before bed (go to bed hungry) and avoid sugars, complex carbs or other difficult to digest foods. Drinking a digestive aid such as an apple cider vinegar detox drink can help your body digest your food, leaving your stomach free to rest all night instead of working over time to figure out what to do with all that ice cream you just ate.

3. Put your phone (and all electronics) in the other room… seriously

Cell phones and other electronics such as TV’s and tablets emit what are called EMFs (electromagnetic frequencies). Simply put, cell phones emit EMFs as powerful as a microwave and have warnings of causing cancer. Your electronics blue lights also decrease the amount of melatonin production in your body, making it harder to fall asleep. As a good rule, spend 30 minutes before bed reading a book or doing something other than staring at your phone, computer, or television. Sleeping with your phone in the other room, or at least on the other side of the room (especially if you use it for the alarm) is a good idea for a better nights sleep and a happier morning. If you just can’t part with it, at least put your phone on airplane mode so that the signal, texts, and notifications don’t wake you or interrupt those precious Z’s.

4. Drink chamomile tea before bed

Chamomile is a classic way to induce sleep, and boost melatonin production. Drinking a warm cup of chamomile tea 30 minutes before bed can relax your body and mind for a better and deeper nights sleep, leaving you feeling more awake, refreshed and happier in the mornings. Chamomile can also have calming effects on your stomach, so if you have any aches and pains keeping you from a good nights sleep, then a warm cup of chamomile is the way to go.

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