What to wear after Labor Day: 2018 Fall fashion trends you’re going to see

In the world of Fashion, Labor Day is the official mark that summer is gone and fall is here. With a summer gone, white, bright colors, and light airy fabrics go with it. I hope you’re all shopping the awesome Labor Day sales to help stores make way for the oh-so-wonderful beloved season: Fall. Fall is the time of year many of us just can’t wait for. The crisp air calls for layered sweaters, large coats, an array of scarves, tall boots, dark hair, and PSL’s every morning… what’s not to love? The hot trends for this fall from fresh off the runway are on the way to the racks, and you’re sure going to see them in the coming weeks.


  1. Reds

Fall season usually comes complete with dark, deep burgundies and maroons. This fall, you’re more likely to see warmer tones of red such as tomato or cherry red, and you’ll be seeing it from coats to pants and even shoes.

2. Plaid

A 1960’s flashback is soon to occur with plaids and fur coat combos. Plaids will be so in for jackets, pants, and tops bringing back a retro feel. Look fir

3. Animal Prints

From pant and jacket suits to boots and bags, animal prints are going to be a zoo this fall. Cheetah, snake, and zebras are all going to be prowling the streets this Fall.

4. Lighter Footwear

Colder seasons naturally come with thicker soles, closed-toed shoes and tall boots. This Fall, the staples of black booties will still be in, but you will also see a rise in barely-there footwear. Outfits complete with open-toed sandals and strappy heels instead of boots and sneaks is going to be something to get away with this Fall.

5. Long skirts and maxis

Pants are going to have to step aside this Fall to make way for the long flowing skirts. Ankle or shin height skirts 6.

6. Sequins and sparkles

Sequins are going to be adding a little flair to the chunky sweater outfit this Fall. Sparkles will catch your eye adding a little life and color, opting for a sequined skirt instead of jeans or a dazzling top instead of a sweater.

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