White after Labor Day

Some rules are meant to be broken. In fashion, it seems like they’re being made and broken with each new coming season, and in many ways, they are. It is said that trends come and go, but style is eternal. Nevertheless, there are some rules such as “don’t wear denim on denim” that has been completely thrown out the window with a bold comeback as of late. Even more, it’s completely obvious that black is socially acceptable on pretty much any occasion, no longer reserved for mourning as it once was. What about that age-old commandment many of us don’t understand “never wear white after labor day.”?

What’s the deal, anyway? The logic behind this dusty old fashion rule makes sense if you want to just say that white is more light and summery than the deep, dark colors and colder temperatures of autumn. But, it’s not quite that basic. The history behind the fashion ban on white after labor day is a bit more intriguing as the real answer is still in debate.



According to Time magazine, white was forbidden after labor day back in the early 20th century, when white was the uniform of choice for Americans who left work in the city in the Summer months for a better climate (remember the beginning of Marilyn’s infamous Seven Year Itch). According to Time, “light summer clothing provided a pleasing contrast to drabber urban life… white linen suits and Panama hats at snooty resorts were ‘a look of leisure.'” Whereas dark clothes were what was worn to work, often dreaded and drab work at that.

Now that you have a bit of a fashion history lesson to tell at your next cocktail party, you might as well wear white to the event and break a rule that no longer truly applies. Need some suggestions? I’ve got you covered with these trending white pieces to keep you making a statement before, or after labor day.



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