Weekly Tips: Face & Body Scrub

Hey guys,

This week I wanted to focus on face and body scrubs because they are more beneficial to healthy, great-looking skin than the lotions and face creams we apply.

When I first moved to LA from Las Vegas my skin went crazy and as any normal girl in her 20s and past puberty would do, I freaked out! I tried so many over the counter acne washes and face creams even went to dermatologists and they put me on antibiotics that dried out my skin so bad it was peeling but nothing was working. Little did I know, the Clarisonic I was using everyday in the shower was the thing giving me the issues. They often tell you that when you start using it you’ll have bad skin for a couple weeks because the machine brings everything to the surface but two weeks turned into three months, then six months and I was getting desperate. I remember one day going to lunch with my friend Gaby and she wanted to stop in Neiman Marcus to look at some skin cream and so I tagged along. She was the one that introduced me to the Omorovicza line and I was hooked for life. Turns out her dad is a dermatologist and he has been recommending this line for years. Soon I was buying everything in the line and discovered my skin savior and now favorite face scrub The Facial Polisher below. It changed my skin for the better and now I use it every other day in the shower after I remove my makeup with a moist towelette. I highly recommend this product as well as the other ones below f you’re having skin issues.

Clean skin is healthy skin, I promise!



This is the face scrub I swear by! I love everything in this line.

Enriched with marine micro-algae, this Refining Facial Polisher refines texture, and brightens tone, while natural pumice exfoliates dead skin cells, smoothing the epidermis and helping regenerate the skin.

The two below are great as body scrubs. Use them every two-three weeks or when you’re trying to remove a spray tan.

This is great o the go as a face or body scrub.

If you are on a budget, I recommend the Neutrogena acne face wash below.

Check out my YouTube video where I talk a little more in depth about these products.

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