Q: What is the best way to ask someone in a date?

What a great question! I think dating is kind of a lost art these days. Unfortunately, our social media driven world has created a very different dating environment than that which our parents are used to. Everyone is always in a rush and easily bored within a few seconds. Think about it, it takes 10-30 seconds of scrolling through someone’’s social media account to get a pretty good idea of a person’s personality or at least that which they mean to portray online. So anything that takes more effort than that is naturally second best.

But the best way to ask someone on a date is to get to know him/her a bit. See what someone is interested in, find out their hobbies and then ask them to hang out by striking up a conversation regarding those items. I’m always more interested in having a conversation with someone if they like to talk about things that I’m interested in (trees, camping, nature…). Genuinely take a moment and actually learn something about their interests so that you can carry a 10-minute conversation with them. Maybe you’’ll discover something new you love or realize that person is not for you because you really dislike what they are into.

You can always use a general pickup line or the “you’re-so-beautiful” approach. Flattery goes a long way to those who care about that but I’’ve got to be honest, that will only work if the other person also finds you attractive. Why you ask? Because you are trying to get a stranger’s attention with a surface compliment and they will see right through that. Now if they are not interested you will know right away. They will all of a sudden “be in a relationship” or “not really looking for anyone at the moment” or just reciprocate with a polite “”Thank you,”” and that’s as far as you’’ll get. If they find you attractive, then they will go with it in hopes of it leading somewhere.

Then, there’’s always the grand gesture. A scenario similar to that of a movie scene. I don’t know how many people would appreciate that or not be really embarrassed, but it is an option. I guess maybe find out if that person likes a lot of attention. If they do, then this may be the way to go but I think if anyone ever put on center stage like that I would be so embarrassed. But that’s just me.

Hope this helps.

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