What not to put on your dating app profile!

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, I thought I would talk about meeting new people. Dating apps are the way many people prefer to meet these days and it is more the norm than the exception. First impression are key, so I figured I’d help you guys out with some helpful tips of what NOT to do.

According to a Peww Reaserch Center, “one in ten Americans have used an online dating site or mobile dating app themselves, and many people now know someone else who uses online dating or who has found a spouse or long-term partner via online dating.” Also, about 38 % of U.S. singles have an app to thank for their Valentine’s date today.With attitudes about online dating becoming increasingly more positive over the years, I think its important to focus on this subject a bit.


Some other finds from the study that I though to be interesting:

  • 11% of American adults—and 38% of those who are currently “single and looking” for a partner—have used online dating sites or mobile dating apps
  • 66% of online daters have gone on a date with someone they met through a dating site or app, and 23% of online daters say they have met a spouse or long term relationship through these sites

It has come to my attention that men put some pretty crazy stuff on dating apps like Tindekr and Bumble that will automatically repel women. So my girlfriends and I decided to put a short list together of what NOT TO DO.

  1. What makes you think a girl will want to talk to you if your profile picture is that of you holding another woman.IMG_3991
  2. Lack of profile information makes women wearyIMG_2189
  3. Saying creepy stuff like someone in your family is a serial killer is a big RED FLAG! It’s not funny. Don’t be lame.IMG_2190
  4. Don’t be a Douche. For example: “cuz my life is dope and I do dope shit” = douche. Also, equally douchey are profile pictures in front of your friends Ferrari that you pass of as your own. I’d rather you drive a beater car then rent a Ferrari for a day and pretend it’s yours.
  5. Things that girls do that men shouldn’t. A great example is the “duck face”, “kissy face”, “zoolander face” and “the over the shoulder look”IMG_2188
  6. Wear clothes in your profile picture. we don’t want to see you and your package in a speedo/undies.IMG_3990
  7. Don’t post excessive shirtless pictures. Do you own a shirt? We get you have abs. Lets move on.IMG_3992
  8. Don’t post a picture of you and 17 other people. How can we tell which one you are??
  9. Don’t have pictures of your ex while you’re trying to meet new people.IMG_3980
  10. Have variety. Don’t have all your pictures holding a bottle of alcohol or at a club.
  11. Don’t have all emojis for your profile bio.

Shout out to the all star of dating apps: This man below! You are a best sir…keep that shit up!!!


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