Your Skincare Arsenal

The key components to a great skincare routine:

Getting healthier skin and maintaining a great complexion starts with having a consistent skincare routine. There are particular products that should be included in this routine to ensure that all parts of your skin are properly taken care of. Below I go through the must-haves of any skincare routine, and suggest some of my favorite products in a range of prices (arranged from high to low).

1. Makeup Remover-

2. Cleanser-

3. Exfoliating Face Scrub-

4. Daily Moisturizer-

5. Eye Cream-

6. SPF

7. Daily Serum-

8. Night Cream-

9. Sleep Mask-

10. Hydrating Lip Balm-

11. Body Lotion-

12. Hand Cream-

13. Foot Cream-

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