3 Must Know Tips for Finding your Perfect Foundation


1. Are you warm, cool, or neutral?

When shopping for the makeup that fits you best, there are many factors to consider. We all have uniquely different skin, and our shades and undertones all play a role in how our final makeup look will turn out. Part of embracing your uniqueness is finding the look, colors, and tones that fit your features best. To tell if your undertones are cool, warm, or neutral, you’ve got to take a look at your veins, take a look at the underside your wrist where they are quite prominent. If you veins are a bluish, purple colored, then you have “Cool”, pink undertones. If your veins are a greenish purple, you have “Warm”, yellow undertones. Others are “Neutral”, meaning you can notice pink undertones in your skin, and get away with wearing most colors.

2. How much coverage do you want?

Foundations range from light and barely there, to basically paint for your face covering up every blotch and blemish. Depending on the look you are going for, the duration you will be wearing it, and simply personal preference, your needs may vary. BB creams and tinted moisturizers are great for days when you will be at the beach, hiking, or doing anything outdoors when you will have sun exposure and don’t want to have a heavy amount of coverage. A buildable foundation is just what it sounds like- makeup you will be able to make light, medium, or full coverage by adding more and more until you achieve your desired look. Full coverage foundation is a good choice when you have an important event, a long day/night ahead when you don’t want your makeup to disappear on you, and when you will be in front of a camera and need a flawless face.

3. What is your skin type?

Are you dry, oily, or combination? The makeup you choose should be considerate of the level of sensitivity your skin is to be coming oily or dry. Some makeups can dry out your skin, so should be avoided by those who have already dry skin, but may be good for those who have oily skin. A good primer and setting powder may also help with the dryness or oils from your skin.



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