My 5 Favorite Fresh Products

When you find a skin care brand that you love and trust, stick with it! Fresh skin care line has so many noteworthy products, it’s hard to choose only one! From their sweet smelling, hydrating sugar products their brightening and soothing Rose products, Fresh skin care are exactly what your skin is craving. Whether it’s a complexion restoring face mask you seek, or a decadent lip treatment, you are going to love your Fresh products!


1. Chapstick

Fresh’s Sugar Tinted Lip Treatment is not just another chapstick. This lip treatment is pure skin care for your lips! So much of skin care is focused on our face, and our kissers are sadly forgotten. Care for your lips again with a lip treatment that is nourishing, softening, protects and smooths your lips and give you a nice tint while you wear it. No need for bulky lipstick or have to wear a bland chapstick because it’s “healthy” for you… Fresh’s lip treatment does both! Formulated with sugar, lip treatment not only tastes sweet when you put it on, but sugar helps prevent moisture loss. Oils including meadowfoam and black currant seed oils add in extra moisture, and grapeseed oil helps provides smoothness and antioxidants.

2. Candles

Revered for their sweet-smelling skin care products, Fresh has an entire line of candles that provide soothing scents and refreshing atmosphere. There are many benefits of aromatherapy, adding a Fresh scented candle to your bedroom vanity when you set your makeup, in the morning, or apply your face mask in the evening is the missing piece in your beauty regimen. These candles smell amazing, and have scents ranging from sweet brown sugar to tangy citrus and decadent chocolate.

3. Rose Face Mask

Face Masks are great for those times when you have a free night to spend in and want to give your skin a little TLC. Different face masks have a variety of benefits, the goal of a face mask is to boost your skin care goals whatever they may be. Fresh’s Rose Face Mask is great for hydrating the skin and helping you achieve an even complexion. Rose’s face mask feels amazing on your skin, because of its cooling gel formula. Their formula is infused with rose water and rose petals, which is famous for providing skin hydration and brightening your skin tone. Cucumber extract and aloe vera gel provide calm, cool and soothing effects to your skin.

4. Lip Treatment

Fresh’s makes a decadent, creamy lip treatment that pampers your lips with a hydrating and smoothing effect while providing a golden shimmer. A creamy, cushiony formula that nourishes and smoothes the lips while leaving a sheer golden shimmer. Fresh’s Sugar Cream Lip Treatment Gilt contains sugar, sealing in the moisture of your lips, is a natural humectant known to prevent moisture loss. Using Black currant seed oil, jojoba seed oil, and avocado oil help provide, your lips will be ultra-moisturized and nourished for softer, smoother lips.

5. Rose Toner

Fresh’s Rose Floral Toner  leaves your skin feeling clean, moisturized and smooth to the touch. Their alcohol-free formula will not dry out your skin, or strip your skin of its natural oils. The toner will get any stubborn dirt from the surface of your skin while providing a more even your complexion and 24-hour moisture. Rosewater is notable for its calming and hydrating benefits, and clears your skin of impurities, providing a clean canvas for applying makeup, creams or serums.



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