5 Beauty Boosting Baths to Take

 If you’ve ever needed a reason to sit back in a warm bath and relax, I have one for you: Taking baths more often can boost your health and full body skin care. As it turns out, taking baths is not just a nice way to pamper yourself or wind down after a long week. In fact, it can be the missing link in your skin routine. There are so many reasons to take baths, and 10 beauty-boosting ingredients to add to your baths to get great skin care benefits.

  1. Oatmeal, milk and honey

If dryness is your issue, then take a bath with oatmeal, milk and honey. You can do this the old fashioned way by using these ingredients from your kitchen cupboard, or by buying a pre-made soap. To do it yourself, simply combine oatmeal, milk and honey to a teabag and place it in your bath. Don’t worry if its messy and gets everywhere- it’s supposed to. Milk, oatmeal and honey all have amazing moisturizing benefits for your skin. You will leave the bath with your skin feeling baby soft!


2. Epsom salt

Epsom salt works wonders for soreness. If you just got done working out and have stiff muscles, are feeling stress and tension or are recovering from an injury, then taking an Epsom salt bath can be just what the doctor ordered. Many companies make fancy smell good bath salts with Epsom salt in them, or you can get Epsom salt by itself at your local drugstore or Target and get more bang for your buck.

3. Ginger

Ginger has many medicinal properties and is often used for soothing an upset stomach when taken orally. However, if you add ginger to your bath it has been said to cure headaches and causes toxins to be released. Adding fresh ginger to your bath can be a simple boost to create a detoxifying and soothing experience leaving your skin free of harmful elements.

4. Lavender

Adding fresh lavender or essential oil can relax you and be effective for improving sleep. If you have trouble sleeping at night, relax your entire body by adding the soothing properties of lavender to a warm bath just before bedtime.

5. Rose

Adding rose oil, rose water or rose petals is more than just romantic. In fact, roses have anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and moisturizing properties.


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