5 Edible and Colorful Flowers

Did you know that there are edible flowers? You can grow an assortment of yummy and vibrant flowers in your very own garden at home. If you’re looking to spice up a homemade smoothie bowl, add a garnish to a dish or baked goods or add them to your favorite Spring cocktail, edible flowers are a unique way to add a  pop of color to any plate.

Note: if you are planning to grow your own garden, and much on these pretty petals, be sure to steer free from pesticides or toxic spray!


1. Roses

Perhaps one of the most popular flowers, but did you know you can eat them? Some roses are tasteless, while others may be sweet, perfumed, or slightly spicy. You can chop the petals, mix them with sugar and leave them to infuse for about a week then use them as a beautiful garnish for drinks and desserts.



2. Violas and pansies

Violas are fun because they come in different colors, but have a dainty and delicate look. They add life and color to any dish and can be used on cupcakes, frozen in ice cubes, added to granola and more.


3. Lavender

Perhaps one of the most popularly baked with flower, lavender is a beautiful purple hue with a distinct scent and flavor. Add to a cocktail, cookies or coffee.

4. Lilacs

Lilacs have a perfumey scent and grassy flavor. Lilacs are added to desserts, used in fruit salads and even make jellies.


5. Orchids

Orchids are often added to wedding cakes and pastries to add a beautiful and unique flair. Although often removed, these beautiful blooms are actually edible, so you can bite right into that cake without stopping to remove any petals.

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